Group Tour Ideas to Italy for 2019

UM DEN TEXT AUF DEUTSCH ZU LESEN, BITTE NACH UNTEN SCROLLEN Anniversaries and special events always provide good reasons to travel to a town or region as the  resulting raised profile increases awareness and helps sales. Resorts and Regions tend to up their game and provide special offers or events to attract as many visitors…

The Michelangelo Team goes off the beaten tracks

Follow the Michelangelo team on their educational tour to Friuli Venzia Giulia and discover one of Italy’s lesser-known regions.

Bologna’s Eataly World FICO

Is FICO really fico (Italian for “cool”)? Find out what this food theme park dedicated to the wonders of Italian cuisine is all about.

Italy’s Top 5 Opera Venues

Italy is one of the best places in the world to see operatic performances. Discover the 5 best Italian Opera venues.