A Little dream of Tuscany

Don’t just dream about it, book it! A little dream in Tuscany group tour will be the highlight of your first, second or third travel to Italy.

The Best Spring Blossom Festivals in Italy

The arrival of spring traditionally sees numerous events and celebrations in Italy. Participating in local festivals is a great way to indulge in Italy’s authentic culture.

Magical Christmas Time

For our team, the approaching end of the year means taking a deep breath, relaxing and recovering from the hectic pace of the season. Just as everywhere else in Italy, Christmas is very important time on Lake Garda, too. We would like to tell you about the traditions that are kept alive by our team.

It’s high time for some wine time!

There are many delightful ways to delve into the universe of Italian wine. Check out the Italian wine festivals, wine routes and vineyard tours we are most excited about.

Finding new destinations

For many Albania may still be a blank sheet on the tourist map but the small country bordering Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro, is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all around the world. Don’t miss it and plan your group tour to Albania now!

Rail your way through Italy

As one of the best-connected countries by rail, getting around Italy by train is not only easy but also an authentic way to travel. Rail travel in Italy offers visitors a relaxed way to become acquainted with the culture and beauty of the country.