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Lake Maggiore

With its mild Mediterranean climate Italy’s second largest lake forms part of the border between Italy and Switzerland. Lake Maggiore makes the Italian lake district an even more imporant and famous travel destination.

Predominantly Italian, Lake Maggiore stretches North in to Switzerland and the city of Locarno. The northern area of the lake is characterised by steep cliffs. There are many different sorts of historical sights in the area and decorative villas, castles and churches abound. Lake Maggiore is dotted with small villages which seem to cling to the mountainsides gazing down on to the town.

The Borromean Islands

The impressive Borromean Islands are one of the main attractions in the area. The three islands with its two mini islets have been visited and admired by tourists for many years. Indeed both Hemmingway and Queen Victoria were entranced by their beauty. The islands are comprised of Isola Bella, with its 17th Century Palazzo Borromeo surrounded by spectacular gardens. The picturesque Isola dei Pescatori, and the Isola Madre, which is famed for its botanic gardens with many rare plants. The two islets of S. Giovanni, located just off the shore close to Pallanza and the tiny Isola La Malghera.

Lake Orta

Villa Carlotta – Another must see attraction of The Italian lake district
The Villa Carlotta and its park are famous for its terraced gardens and museum. With works of art from Canova, Thorvaldsen und Hayez.

Lake Orta is considered an insider tip, the smallest pre-Alpine lake. The picturesque hilly landscape, in which small villages are embedded, radiates peace and quiet and enchants with its Mediterranean flair.  In the village of Orta you will wind across the old market square and through the narrow, medieval alleyways. Along the way you will see romantic, secluded gardens. You will reach the island of San Giulio by boat, there you can visit the oldest church of this region. In the interior you will find precious frescoes dating back to the Renaissance.

Camellia Park Locarno – Our Secret Travel Tip
The stunning Camellia Park was inaugurated in Locarno in 2005 and has rapidly become an international attraction. The Town Council gardeners have been able to further enlarge their already considerable collection, exchanging rare species and collaborating with growers from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the USA and China.

Lake Como

Now to Lake Como and the city of Como, the city is located on the southernmost shore of the Lake and was at one time a very prosperous place due to the traditional silk industry. Como was a leading centre for the rearing of silkworms and the silk industry was the largest employer in the region back  in the 15th Century. Still to this day, one of the most important businesses in the production of silk items is based here and many of its products are sold in the many shops in the town. The town walls date back to the Middle Ages and can be seen in the heart of the town along with the San Abbondio und San Fedele Churches as well as the Porta Vittoria tower and the Bishop’s Palace.


Located opposite Griante at the point where the lake splits into two separate branches, Bellagio is also known as “the Pearl of Lake Como” because of its central location between the two branches of the lake. A town of about three thousand inhabitants, it’s one of the most beautiful and romantic places of Northern Italy. This delightful town is blessed with a mild climate reminiscent of that of the Ligurian coast. From here, many unforgettable trails or trekking tours start, that will allow you to discover magnificent views and enchanting landscapes.

If you prefer to relax and take a swim, the best place is the Lido di Bellagio, where there’s a beach with umbrellas and sun beds. Visit the old “Borgo” with its mysterious alleys and characteristic stone-paved stairways and colorful shops, or take a stroll along the shoreline and visit the magnificent Villa Melzi D’Eril, built in 1808 for the Duke Francesco Melzi D’Eril and now owned by Count Gallarati Scotti. The park of the superb neoclassical villa is open to visitors from late March to early November.

Botanical Group Tour: Lake Maggiore

Camellia Exhibition

Locarno – Lake Maggiore

There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than amidst a colourful and fragrant sea of flowers. Camellias, mimosas, magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, the sunny Swiss town of Locarno attracts visitors from all over the world to admire its famous maze of blooms.

The Camillia Exhibition “Camelie Locarno” represents the most important European exhibition dedicated to this Asian flower. It is held in Locarno’s charming Camellia Park, one of the richest of its kind in the world, which covers an area of ​​ten thousand square metres and offers over a thousand plants and almost as many varieties of camellias.

End of March

The park provides a stunning setting for this spring event on the shores of lovely Lake Maggiore. Especially in springtime, visitors can marvel at the blooming beauty of this garden. The exhibition of almost 250 varieties of Camellias and beautifully arranged floral decorations is the highlight of the festival which takes place every year at the end of March.

The exhibition also features side events such as the camellia market, tea tastings, concerts and shows.

Why we think it’s one of the Best Spring Blossom Festivals in Italy?
Italy’s Lake District is a spectacular destination, even more so in springtime. During the festival you can witness the awakening of nature on Lake Maggiore.

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