2020 and the Trifecta of Tours in Italy

Italy tops lists for “bests of”, “must sees” and “to-dos” in 2020.  The trifecta for next year shines light on:  Parma as the Italian Cultural City of the year; the rolling Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, now a UNESCO World Heritage site; and Le Marche  has been named by the Lonely Planet as a “Best in Travel” destination.    

Parma – The Italian Cultural City of the Year in 2020

Culinary heaven is found on earth; paradisiacal Parma demonstrates its greatness with melt-in-the-mouth prosciutto, delightfully crunchy parmesan and stuffed pastas that are so delicious diners cannot help but smile between each mouthful. The bite-sized city packs a great punch, enabling visitors to do a lot of living in a little time. A visit to the sixteenth century Pilotta Palace gives groups the opportunity to see its frescoed Palatina Library, its marvelous wooden Farnese Theater and the National Gallery with its masterpieces by Da Vinci, El Greco and Schedoni with a very accessible combined ticket. Groups also can enjoy the Parma Cathedral and its octagonal baptistery featuring breathtakingly ornate thirteenth century panels. With our GUSTO packages, we can bring your groups to see the charming area and its sights, stopping for visits and tastings at local producers, vendors, markets and restaurants.  Parma charms as it satiates appetites for both fascinating culture and delectable cuisine.

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The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. In 2019 it was awarded another. The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene have now been recognized as a cultural landscape for their unique interaction between man and the environment in shaping the area’s topography, economy and culinary contributions. Since the seventeenth century the verdant slopes have been adapted to form an expanse of mesmerizing narrow terraces for the cultivation of wine grapes. As the plots of the northern Italian Prosecco Hills are inaccessible to farming equipment, modern-day vintners grow their wine grapes using ancient methods – by hand. Generations of families have worked the “hogback hills” of rugged terrain, interspersed with forests, villages and farmland. Our GUSTO tours will take your groups on the Prosecco Wine Road to do visits and tastings at some of the incredible, historic vineyards and cellars along the way. As Prosecco sales have now exceeded the yearly sales of Champagne, give your clients the opportunity to taste and understand why. 

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Le Marche – Tops The Lonely Planet’s “Best in Travel List” for 2020

The lesser-known province of Le Marche in east-central Italy offers visitors the opportunity to see an array of marvelous scenery and historic towns. With the Apennine Mountains as its spine, Le Marche faces the Adriatic, blending coastal land with hills, then mountains, as its terrain soars from sea level up to 8,000 feet.  The Regional Park of Cornero unites a series of stunning beaches – Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana – punctuated by smaller, more intimate beaches and intriguing rock formations.  As ninety percent of Le Marche’s topography is inland hills, our ACTIVO tours take groups from the lower lands up through the dazzling quilts of color: violet with lavender, bright  with sunflowers, on through the waving golden fields intermixed with the refreshing green of vineyards and the stone gray villages.  Though the lovely region looks in many ways like its more famous neighbors, Tuscany and Umbria, its history as an independent border area set it apart.  Instilled with a unique identity and feel, visitors seeking authentic experiences along serene roads and in medieval towns will relish its simplicity. The Lonely Planet has recognized its appeal, choosing it to top its list of ten “Best in Travel” destinations for 2020.   Le Marche offers an affordable alternative for groups coming to Italy.  Our DIVINO packages bring people to see the sacred sites of the region, including the Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto, which is believed to hold the house where the Virgin Mary lived, as well as many other abbeys and churches sprinkled throughout the area. 

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We are excited to bring your groups to Italy’s top destinations of 2020 and beyond.  With our GUSTO packages we will show and share the culture and cusine of Parma and the Prosecco Wine Hills.  Our DIVINO and ACTIVO packages will give your groups the opportunity to fully enjoy the natural and sacred beauty of Le Marche.  Join us in 2020 to experience Italy!

Italy awaits you in 2020!

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