Törggelen – A Tyrolean Tradition in Trentino

The South Tyrol region of Italy, blends the Germanic Alpine way of life with the Mediterranean Latin culture. This area has brought us the tradition of Törggelen, which is a month-long harvest Thanksgiving festival which has now spread to the neighbouring province of Trentino, a region also strongly shaped by Germanic influences.

Combine a great atmosphere with ample portions of tasty regional produce accompanied by a glass or two of crisp fresh wine and you have the ingredients for a wonderful celebration. It is a time when you should forget your cholesterol levels and just enjoy the occasion! It’s only once a year, after all!


From October to mid-November, the ever popular Dolomites feature the particular culinary attraction known as the Törggelen, which is the local equivalent of the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival.

At the heart of this is great food and company. You will enjoy a veritable South Tyrolean Autumn Farmers Feast amongst friends and will savour amongst others tasty ingredients such as vegetable soup, speck, which is a smoked variation of parma ham, a rich variety of cold meats, tasty dumplings, cheeses, and sausages, accompanied by locally produced fresh wine rounded off by roasted chestnuts.

This popular tradition has spread from the South Tyrol and has become a real tourism highlight in the neighbouring Italian-speaking area of Trentino. As this festival was originally all about the enjoyment of the newly produced wine, the word Törggelen comes from the Latin word “torquere” which means to press or to turn, which specifically refers to the turning of the wine press.

The mild temperatures, wonderful hiking trails and picture postcard scenery has turned Autumn into the most popular time of year for travel in South Tyrol and Trentino. Why not combine any tour to this area with a pleasant Törggelen evening for a truly unforgettable experience?

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