Travelling in Italy in November – What to do?

When you are looking for the best time to travel to Italy, almost every guide book will tell you the same and recommend to travel from April to June and mid-September to October. They are right, of course, as temperatures are pleasant and crowds are bearable. But have you ever considered the month of November as the perfect time for planning a trip to Italy? You certainly should! Being one of the less touristic months of the year, November is a smart alternative, especially in terms of prices and crowds. At the heart of the low season, hotel rates will be notably lower than usual making you save not only money but also time during your search for an accommodation. Last not least it is the time when Italy belongs almost exclusively to the Italians and you will eventually be able to experience the authentic Italian life-style. If you are at a loss as to what to do, here are two of our favourite and most successful autumn programmes.


In mid-November, when the Venetian Carnival Season is about to start, the lonely gondolier pushes his way along the dark green coloured canals  and wafts of mist ascend in the early morning hours, Venice radiates a peaceful, almost mystic atmosphere.
That is the perfect setting of our tour which takes us back in time to Casanova’s Venice of the 18th century. It offers the unique opportunity to explore Venice and its lagoon along the narrow alleyways and over small, hidden bridges on a magical journey of discovery of this city’s exciting past. Performers in historical costumes, scattered throughout the city impersonating Venetians characters, will acquaint participants with entertaining stories about their lives. The tour ends with a party held in the majestic and picturesque setting of a noble Venetian Palace in the heart of the city. While savoring Venetian aperitifs and appetizers, guests will be entertained by live music, and by the performances of actors and dancers in costumes.


Help out at a Tuscan Olive Harvest
Olive Harvest, Truffle Fair, Wine and Pasta in Tuscany


The best of Tuscany in one trip – fascinating art, stunning landscapes and delicious food, Tuscany has it all! Off the beaten track, we will be part of real Tuscan life.
At the small pasta factory Martelli the family members introduce us to the world of traditional Italian pasta. Learn how pasta is made from slowly kneading the durum –wheats with cold water over bronze-drawing to slowly drying at low temperatures.

Tuscany is one the most important olive producing regions in Italy and the world. The olive harvest begins in October and usually ends in the month of December. We take part in the harvest amidst centuries- old olive groves picking the olives right from the tree. The olives are then transported to the mill and milled within a very short time after the harvest in order to guarantee the freshest and most delicious olive products.

A great opportunity to try Italy’s famous white truffles is the San Miniato Truffle Fair which is celebrated in the medieval mountain village of San Miniato, in the Pisa province of Tuscany in mid-November. The month of November is the height of the truffle hunting season, and twenty-five percent of the white truffles in Italy are produced here. During the fair, San Miniato buzzes with activity that includes entertainment, food and craft.

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