Claudio walking on sunshine

Lake Iseo – you probably wonder where that is and even though it’s the fourth biggest lake in Italy, you may not have heard about it before. Being overshadowed by the fame of the larger Italian lakes Garda, Como and Maggiore, it remains a hidden gem, off the beaten track of large scale tourism. However, it’s a charming place, situated in the heart of Lombardy region, just north of the cities of Brescia and Bergamo, and only recently became part of amazing art project.

The surrounding lush green mountains and beautiful scenery make up the highlights of this destination, but there are also plenty of small towns and villages around the lake to be discovered. Lake Iseo’s landmark is doubtlessly the forested Monte Isola, which peaks some 600 m above sea level and, with an area of 4.5 square kilometers, is the biggest island in any European lake. Nine small villages, which are completely isolated, are located on Monte Isola. The island’s residents go grocery shopping by making boat trips to the mainland. Far away from the hectic of everyday life, it is a great spot for relaxation, with no noise or fumes from cars. This peculiar island in the middle of the lake can be reached by ferry from Sulzano to Peschiera Maraglio and from Sale Marasino to Carzano.

Monte Isola
The Floating Piers from a bird’s perspective

From the 18th June until the 3rd July 2016, Lake Iseo was the setting of an outstanding art project by artist Christo, known for reshaping landscapes and enhancing their natural beauty. The Floating Piers offered the unique experience of reaching the island by walking on water. A 3-kilometer-long walkway was created by the installation of floating cubes, that connected Sulzano with Monte Isola and the island of San Paolo, which was framed by the piers. The path was covered in 70.000 square meters of sunny yellow-coloured fabric which continued along 2,5 kilometers of pedestrian streets in Sulzano and Peschiera Maraglio. A spectacular event that exceeded all expectations with regards to visitor numbers. Among 1,5 million visitors, also Claudio, Head of Contracts & Product, made his way to Lake Iseo to be part of this delightful experience. The deep blue water of the lake, the dark green of the surrounding landscape, the intense yellow of the path and the hundreds and thousands of people walking on the path under the shining sun made this fantastic artwork come to life.

In the end Claudio wasn’t quite sure, if he was walking on water or rather walking on sunshine with the bright shimmering fabric under his feet. He only knew one thing for sure, it was an incredible experience to be part of another one of Christo’s extraordinary projects.

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